952313_gavelThe Wilson Law Firm is passionate about defense and prosecution that will lead to positive results for their clients.

Greg Wilson and Deanna Wilson, Greg’s mother, are both attorneys committed to personally representing you.  From your no-obligation, initial interview to the resolution of your case, have no fear that you will be outsourced to another attorney.

The office is centrally located in Shawnee to easily facilitate all cases in Pottawatomie County, and centrally located in Oklahoma making regional casework simple.

Greg Wilson, a former mayor and family man, delivers a unique experience for each client, as he interprets and simply explainscomplex legal realities.  He has represented a wide range of clients in auto accidents, personal injury, divorce, paternity, child custody, guardianship, DUI, criminal, probate, adoption, bankruptcy, wills, and social security.  Many of his clients are new to the court system, and Greg takes pride in helping everyone understand their legal rights in simple plain English.

Deanna Wilson, a former real estate associate, school teacher and Westlaw large law firm legal research representative, represents clients in bankruptcy, debt relief, probate, wills, power of attorney, and assists Greg with various other cases.

The Wilson Law Firm is a Christian based law firm that is dedicated to serving their clients.

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